About Us and Our Mission      

BEST GREEN CARS is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and our company was founded in late 2014. Our diverse team consists of a very small group of people who share big dreams, have hearts of gold and a strong passion for new technologies, renewable energy and environmentally friendly vehicles.

Year after year, our city is engulfed by severe inversion. It is something we may have to live with for the rest of our lives, due to our unique geography. This often places us in the top 10 of most polluted cities in the United States, and in early 2013 we managed to even shamefully win the #1 spot! Despite of the efforts of our officials and citizens, we haven't made enough progress and the battle for clean air continues. 

Unfortunately, our community is not alone and many others around the globe share the same faith. Numerous cities are in desperate need for a change, and to truly make a difference, some key things need to be in place - strong infrastructure with readily available public charging stations; power grids that can accommodate multiple at-home charging stations on the same block; very good tax incentives; affordable green vehicles suitable for each city's weather conditions; easy ways to educate the public and help them make an informative decision!

Purchasing or leasing an Environmentally friendly vehicle is a big investment for most of us. Whether you're buying one to cut down on gas usage and save money, or you want to contribute towards a cleaner future, we want to encourage you to research your options well, before you hit the dealerships. 

What is our mission and what can we offer you?

  • Our goal is to gradually create one of the world's largest, fastest and most user friendly websites for all environmentally friendly vehicles
  • We give our writers freedom of expression, because we want to deliver you content that is not only as accurate as possible, but also engaging and fun to read
  • We want to keep the advertisements down to a minimum and/or present them in such a way that they don't take away from your reading and learning experience
  • Our sincere love for the environment is what this idea was born from, and we will do everything that we can to keep it this way!
  • If we can help even 1 person choose a Green Vehicle versus a conventional Gasoline one, then we have succeeded!

But we don't want to stop there! We want to help you make a decision that you are happy with. Because if you are happy, chances are, you'll recommend a green car to someone else, and they will in turn do the same.  

We do realize that what we are attempting will initially be a drop in the ocean when it comes to the Environmental Impact, but that is OK. Drop by drop we do hope to make a bigger difference one day. Until then, we'll continue to work hard and try to give our readers (potential green car owners) our absolute best, and nothing less!


                                    Our Team

Assen Gueorguiev (Founder & Editor in Chief)

Andrew H. (Writer/Contributor)

Brittney B. (Writer/Contributor)

EightySix (Writer/Contributor)

George G. (Contributor)

Julia F. (Administrative Assistant)