Geely Emgrand CROSS Plug-In Hybrid (CONCEPT)

Written By: Brittney B. 

Just before the Beijing Auto Show in April 2014, Geely held a press conference to reveal a bold new brand strategy. The first big news was their absorption of three different sub-brands, including Emgrand, which will continue as a product series under the Geely name. That wasn't all, though. Geely then got straight to work on Emgrand's new identity — and continued its recent commitment to energy efficiency — by unveiling the new Emgrand Cross concept car.

According to Geely, the Emgrand Cross is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) that's currently more of a prototype than an actual product. As Geely's first-ever PHEV, the Cross is intended to display and promote their pursuit of new forms of energy, leading the way for future innovations that decrease consumer reliance on gasoline and lower carbon emissions. But how exactly will the Emgrand Cross do that, and will it ever actually make it to dealerships?

Geely Emgrand Cross Plug-in Hybrid Concept

One brand, one vision

The Geely Emgrand Cross offers the world's first glimpse at the Chinese automaker's new "One Geely" strategy — and the second glimpse at the handiwork of its Shanghai Design Centre. The first was the Geely KC, a luxury sedan with a distinctive new style that quickly garnered comparisons to Audi's German designs. The Cross will pick up where the KC left off, as a car-SUV crossover with a sleek and streamlined exterior, but inside it will break new ground for the brand.

Namely, it will feature Geely's exclusive GL-ESD power split system, the world's first single-mode input hybrid system, keeping its emissions as low as 77 grams of carbon dioxide per mile. It will also be built on the brand's proprietary Framework Extendable (FE) platform, leaving room for speculation about its engineering changes. As a plug-in hybrid vehicle, the Emgrand Cross would run on both a power battery and a dual-motor system, deriving its electric charge from external power sources and an engine back-up. Like other PHEV concepts, though, its overall environmental footprint would depend on the means and materials used to manufacture the battery and power supplies.

Specs and speculation

According to Geely's original announcement, the Emgrand Cross could reach the market as early as 2015. If it does, critics will be anxious to put its early promises to the test. Among other impressive specs, Geely has already estimated that the Emgrand Cross will last more than 400 miles on a single charge, and as many as 31 miles on its pure-electric setting. It will also accelerate from zero to 60 MPH in just ten seconds, and reach speeds over 100 MPH.

If the Cross does make it to market, it will join a lineup of Geely cars currently available at dealerships in 35 countries and five continents. Unfortunately, North America isn't among them, but other automakers are busy readying their own plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles. As states like California lead the push for cleaner air and greener vehicles, Geely and other Asian automakers may eventually decide to capitalize on that ever-growing market too.