Nissan ESFLOW All-Electric Sports Car (CONCEPT)

Written By: Brittney B.

Edited By: Assen Gueorguiev

                                                nissan esflow all-electric concept

Two months after the Nissan LEAF arrived in Japan and the United States, Nissan unveiled a sporty new use for the bestselling pioneers's all-electric technology. The Nissan ESFLOW debuted at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, showing industry insiders exactly what the automaker could do with its electric powertrain technology.

This zero-emission, two-seat sports car concept is high-waisted, accented by cool blue and gold details, and features rear-wheel drive for optimum torque and traction. It's also completely electric, and its most efficient components were strategically used to improve steering and performance, as well as powering the vehicle with renewable energy.

Range on one charge is stated to exceed 150 miles, while the driver can reach 0 to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds.

Thinking outside the electric box

Many electric prototypes are greener versions of gas-powered vehicles, rather than brand new concepts. The Fiat 500, Chevrolet Spark, Ford Focus and Kia Soul are just a few examples of gas-powered cars that have received all-electric counterparts in recent years. That makes the ESFLOW an exception to the rule. It's often faster and easier for engineers to adapt a pre-existing model into an electric prototype. Rather than starting from scratch, they replace (or supplement) the original internal combustion engine with a battery or other source of electricity. However, Nissan's design team was up for a challenge, so they started with the electricity and built a new car around it.

The ESFLOW features the LEAF's electric transmission in a drastically different body. The lithium-ion batteries might not be new, but their placement is, along with almost everything else about the car's proportions and configurations. In order to keep the driver and rotation points at the very center of the car, designers centered the battery packs along each axis and placed two motors along the rear wheels. They also replaced the mirrors with rear-view cameras and added roll bars to the aluminum chassis, opening up the opportunity for unobstructed views from a wrap-around windshield.

Sparking rumors of a revival

In January 2014, Nissan's design chief hinted that years' worth of sporty, futuristic prototypes may finally converge in one production-ready electric sports car. The ESFLOW is one of the concepts that has always been linked to these rumors over the past few years, thanks to its graceful dimensions, performance-driven engineering, open cabin, and lightweight style. It's possible that Nissan will combine details of the ESFLOW with other Nissan properties, but whenever they do unveil their long-awaited electric racer, they'll certainly take advantage of electric propulsion's sporty potential.

Nissan ESFLOW All-Electric Concept