Early Christmas for Tesla Model S Owners - 6.2 SOFTWARE RELEASE

Written By: Assen Gueorguiev

Tesla Model S Interior with its top-notch self-Updating computer system

Tesla fans and owners definitely have a good reason to be all grins and smiles this week. 

Elon Musk announced this Thursday details around the latest and greatest software update - 6.2. Set to go out in about 2 weeks, it will wirelessly update all eligible S models and bring some new cool and exciting features to the drivers. 

Let's take a look at what we can expect:


Blind Spot and Side Collision Warning: 

  • Keeps track of drivers that are in your blind spot. It will show an alert by your speedometer 

  • And if you happen to be too close to a collision, the car will become a bit more aggressive and alert you quickly by vibrating the wheel, playing a sound and showing 2 red alerts on your "dashboard"

Automatic Emergency Braking:

  • The brakes will be automatically engaged to reduce the impact of collisions that cannot be avoided

  • In the event that the driver is able to react by braking, turning the wheel or stepping on the accelerator, the Automatic Braking System will disengage

Valet Mode:

  • Scared to hand over your new Tesla keys to the Valet guy at the movies? Be no more!

  • This feature allows you to limit not only speed, but also access to quite a few other items - computer features, personal info, glove box, trunk, etc. 

Range Assurance:

  • This part of the software update allows your vehicle to communicate with Tesla's network of Destination Chargers and Superchargers

  • It quietly performs its magic on the back end and alerts you before you go our of charger range

  • What makes this update even even more remarkable, is its ability to factor in variables like driving terrain, wind speed, out of commission chargers and many more

  • The car's navigation system will then route you to the nearest charging station so that you don't run out of precious battery juice

Tesla didn't hide its plans to get even more aggressive with the continued expansion of its Supercharger network. WIthin the next 12 months they plan on closing many of the charger gaps in the US, Europe, Canada, the more highly populated parts of China, Japan and Southern Australia. Lets not forget though that only certain parts of Europe are currently covered and the Eastern and Southern parts have a long way to go. It will be interesting to see the success rate in those areas a year from now. 


Trip Planner:

  • This feature definitely works hand in hand with the Range Assurance

  • When you feel the urge to go on a road trip, you'll have one less thing to worry about. The system will automatically map out for you the best charging options along the way. Everything happens real-time, so you need not worry about pre-planning your trip days ahead

  • Once you car is ready to go (usually less than half an hour if connected to a Supercharger), the system will even message your phone. 

Other parts of this update will fine tune some of the existing features and even radio reception and sound quality. 

What's next?

This was only the 2nd update for this year and there's no question we'll see several more later on in 2015. Some of the most exciting ones include automatic steering (mainly for freeways) and the ability to "summon" your car from your private garage. And rest assured there will be other goodies in Tesla's bag as well. 

Do you believe Tesla is pushing the limit with these releases, yet encouraging competition and faster progress in the right direction? How about our state/federal driving laws and regulations, should they be updated within a more timely manner?