M-Zero Hybrid - The Lean Mean Concept Machine by ‘Mean Metal Motors’

Written By: Assen Gueorguiev

M-Zero Hybrid - Concept II

M-Zero Hybrid - Concept II

There has been a lot of talk over the past week about this stunning concept and the significance it could have to India. Let’s take a look at what all the fuss is about:

Who is Mean Metal Motors (MMM)?

An India based start-up company which decided to take a big leap and go from RC Cars & Go Karts, to the idea of giving India its first supercar.  

This concept has the catchy name M-Zero and a small international team is working on it, each responsible for different aspects – UK, Italy, Portugal and India. According to NDTV Autos, the Indian team will be responsible for the energy storage system, aerodynamics, engine, transmission and electronics.

If this diamond edged beauty ever reaches production, it will be manufactured in Europe, which will also be one of their main targeted markets.

What makes this concept special and what specs are they aiming at?

  • Engine – 4.0 Liter, V8 bi-turbo with output of 500+ bhp and 700Nm of torque. They might also go with a 4.8 Liter, V10.

  • Energy Storage System – focused around a 4 kWh, 180 Volt lithium-ion battery pack, which will feed into a motor that works concurrently with the engine. It will provide a serious kick by adding an extra 200 bhp and 270Nm of torque

  • Suspension System – the unique design and the use of hydro-pneumatic struts, allow the vehicle’s weight to be reduced, which will lead to faster acceleration and better handling. The high tech used in it will also lead to better shock absorption.

  • Fingerprint Technology – allows the driver keyless access to the vehicle

  • Cross-hair – virtual stabilizer that also contributes to the aerodynamics. If they manage to iron this technology out and integrate it, they would be the first in the world to successfully use it on a car.

  • Turbulizers – sea animal inspired. Leads to significant aerodynamic drag reduction

  • Shape Memory Alloys, Smart Materials and others


Photo Credit: Mean Metal Motors


Is it a Hybrid or a Plug-in Hybrid?

Even though the 4 kWh battery pack will have to be recharged via a plug, its size and function don’t quite put it in the plug-in hybrid category. It appears that the electric motor’s primary function will be to run together with the engine, in order to deliver extra performance. And with a size roughly 4 times smaller than the battery pack of Chevy Volt, it’s tough to consider it a PHEV.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their own interpretation of what a PHEV is in border-line cases like this. We have reached out to Mean Metal Motors to find more information and will publish it here as soon as we hear back.

What’s next for the M-Zero?

In order for this mini beast to go from concept to prototype, for starters the company needs to gather at least 7 million US dollars (about 436 mil. Indian Rupee). One of the ways they are currently raising funds is via Catapooolt.com and you can check the progress HERE. Have an extra $4500 laying around? Why not help them out. That will even get your name carved on the engine of the first prototype. Now, how cool is that?

MMM also plans to deliver a total of 5 M-Zero concepts by the end of the year, with the final one of course being the most polished and the one they’ll potentially use for the Prototype.

Will it see the light of day?

Only time will tell, but we sure hope so, even if its chances are slim. If it gains enough publicity and support not only from India but world-wide, that might allow it to at least get enough funding for a prototype. And having a prototype can open so many other doors.

The reality is, this is meant to be a supercar, which if ever produced, will  be in small numbers. The fact that it’s a hybrid will have hardly any positive environmental impact.

What’s of value here is the ability of an international team to take a great concept idea and turn it into something they can be proud of. And it’s not a secret that this would mean a lot to a country like India, which has amazing engineers who can use this as a great inspiration. The success of this project may spark even more innovative ideas that the auto world can benefit from, even if it’s in the long run.

Now, who wants to help the Mean Metal Motors team build this hybrid supercar?


Disclaimer: 'Best Green Cars' has no affiliation with 'Mean Metal Motors'