2016 Mercedes-Benz C350e PHEV Makes Its Classy Appearance at the Geneva Auto Show

Written By: Assen Gueorguiev

2016 Mercedes-Benz C350E Plug-in Hybrid. Presented at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show

The 2015 Geneva Auto Shows has started and the German auto maker not surprisingly showcased the Mercedes-Benz C350e plug-in hybrid, in a new silver attire. Even though many believe the company has taken a bit too long to release a more affordable production plug-in, its goal to have 10 plug-in models on the market by 2017 is definitely aspiring.

This PHEV will come in 2 versions – Saloon (more compact and sportier) and Estate (wagon-like). Both will pack a small yet efficient 6.2 lithium-ion battery that can be charged in as little as 1 hr and 45 mins. It will work in conjunction with a four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine.

Some are disappointed by the 19 mile all-electric range of the car, but we should not forget that for many this is sufficient for their daily work commute (especially in Europe). And rest assured that future versions of this vehicle will have better ranges.

On the good side, we have to respect the vehicle’s combined 275 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. This allows the Saloon version to achieve a remarkable 0 to 60 mph in 5.9 seconds, while the Estate is right behind at 6.2 seconds.

Of course, a luxury vehicle like this comes with its fair share of bells and whistles – 5 transmission modes, AIRMATIC air suspension, regenerative braking, Attention Assist, Collision Prevention Assist and much more.

4 Driving Modes for Ultimate Comfort and Performance:

  • Hybrid – best of both worlds

  • E-Save – the car runs only on gas and preserves the electric power for later use

  • Charge – this is also a gas only mode, with brake regeneration running at maximum and recharging the battery

  • E-Mode – this is the all-electric mode with accelerator feedback. If you attempt to accelerate too quickly, the pedal will push back slightly as a warning that you’re about to engage the gas engine

When can you get one?

If you live in the US, you’ll have to patiently wait until the fall to lay your hands on one. Ohhh, did we mention it will be initially available only at the California emission states? 

Rest assured though that Europe will get to enjoy this ride first. Pre-sales began in February and it is expected to show up at their dealerships this month.

In the US, the estimated price is in the high $40,000s , while Europe will have to chip in a little extra due to their Value Added Tax (VAT). The Saloon edition will cost north of $57,000, while the Estate (wagon-like) will be close to $59,000.

If you were on the market for a luxury plug-in hybrid, is this one that you would even consider?